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 for EZlink card and Nets Flash pay and
Transitlink Concession Card.

CEPASLink Combo Card Reader

Controlling your travelling costs have never been easier with the new CEPASLink Combo Card Reader. With its easy installation and quick and contactless readout, the CEPASLink Combo Card Reader will be a useful  device to check your usage, control your costs and a way to monitor the travel patterns and audit unauthorised claims and expenses.


The readout allows you to see the travelling patterns of the user. Useful for HR managment and parents to check on the starting time and ending time of trip, starting and destinations of the user. You are able to check on authentic claims and authorised destinations.


CEPASLink Combo Card Reader


Cepas Card Reader


Support CEPAS compliant contactless Nets Cash Card smart card

(EZ-link, Nets Flash Pay, LTA Concession & AutoPass (New & Old)


Provides Card Balance, Expiry Dates and Transaction Details in a single view


Transaction details includes, Date, Mode of travel, Time commence, Start Point, Destination Point (for Mrt ) Mrt stations name or Bus service number.


Allows saving of transaction details and accumulate all transactions to form a travelling pattern.

Allows one click transfer to an excel report format.

Supported OS Windows 10, 8,7, Vista & XP 32 bit


Cepas Card Reader Statement

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Card Reader $148* +$5 for shipping & handling