Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who we are

What is the Company History.

The company started as a watch manufacturing factory in Singapore in 1994. Throughout the years, regular customers start to ask us to supply them with different corporate gifts. As a result, our sales of corporate gifts far exceeded the sales of customised watches. In the year 2000, we decided to incorporate Memories Souvenirs Pte Ltd to accurately reflect our core business. We have supplied and managed single sales order of more than $1 million without any problems. We supplied to a wide range of industries, from the government ministries, departments, schools, hospitals to multi national corporation, medium and small companies. Some of the more prominent clients includes the Prime Ministers office, AGO, Police, Army SCDF, Shell, Asia Pacific Breweries, Microsoft, Symantec, P & G and many other more. You named it, most probably we have serve them.

Is our company registered with GEBIZ, can we do E-invoice through EPS.

Yes we are registered with Gebiz and we can do E-Invoice through Gebiz or

Are we GST registered.

Yes, we are GST registered.

Why are there no prices in our website.

We have about 2000 items in our website. Each order can be for a single piece to hunderds of thousands. Printing requirements are also different, from no printing to 4 colours printing, from one print to a few prints on a single item. Lead time also plays a part, and shipping by sea and air costs differently. As a result, we will only quote upon enquiry. Hope you understand

Do we print hard copy catalogue.

We have stopped printing hard copy catalogue. All our products are updated in our website as an when available and this give you the latest products, which a hard copy cannot do.

Do we have a showroom where you can come an view the products.

Yes, our showroom is in our factory. Visit to our showroom is strictly by Appointment only. Please make appointment before coming over as you will like to be served by the specialist sales personnel rather than the administrative staff. Also, you can tell them your requirements, so that they can check and prepare the samples for your view.

Can we do printing on the products. How long is the lead time.

We have our own internal inhouse printing facility at our factory. You may visit us to have a look. As such, our lead time is as fast as one day, if need may be, but normally a good time will be 2 weeks upon instruction to proceed with the full production after approval of artwork or the pre-production sample if required.

Do you charge for printing or delivery.

There is work to be done for both the printing or delivery. The customer will have to bear for it. If it is not included in the selling price, it will be indicated separately. If you want to save on your expenses, you can do your own collection.