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Pewter Beer Mug, Namecard Holders

What exactly is pewter? My inquisitive mind questions. We have been selling pewter wares, like pewter name card holders, pewter drinking mugs, photo frames, 3D figurines of products. Yet it seems nobody questions what exactly is pewter.

Pewter Beer Mug

Once and for all, I decided to delve into more details to better understand this product and also to educate our staff, customers and their recipient the meaning of this elusive product called pewter.

According from my research at Wikipedia, pewter is made of 90% tin with the remaining of copper, bizmuth and antimony all melted to form a tin like, heavy compound. Pewter made in South East Asia consist of higher content of tin.

Pewter has been used since the 15th century to make tableware. It is the main soure of tableware during the 18th and 19th century until porcelain replace it. It was used to replace silver, which is more costly and tarnishes more easily. Pewter does not rust and is slighly heavy and suits the purpose of an impressive expensive image for a gift.

Pewter's main use in the gift industry is for figurines of places of interests, medals, plaques, drinkwares and also small keychains with logos. Many pewter plates are commemorative pieces used for display for awards. Beer mugs, name card holders and keychain figurines continues to be the popular pewter gifts items in the souvenirs and corporate gifts trade. Below are some of the more popular items.

Sandisk Blade flash drive


U shaped Desktop namecard holder

U shaped Pewter NameCard holder with customised 3D logo of your corporation. Displays the importance of the owner and your branding.

Note Pad with pen


3D pewter Keytag

Pewter keytag with 3D logo for that everlasting impression.





21 inches foldable umbrella

Wooden Notepad box with pewter emblem

Impressive gift for that executive and professional look. Each embossed with your corporation logo.

BPA Free bottle


3D pewter figurine

Pewter can be made into 3D figurine of your products as a great marketing tool. As well as a good memento of your company's image.