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Sandisk Blade flash drives fitted in the USB port, showing its smallness and the beauty of ithe blade drive.


Sandisk® Cruzer® Blade™ USB flash drives and Sandisk® Cruzer® Orbit™ flash drives are one of the more popular flash drives as a corporate gifts. Sandisk® is a licensed flash drive brand.
Flash drives can be used to store business reports where important data becomes portable. Flash drives can be used as confidential storage medias and kept under personal care. Flash Drives has no moving parts. Flash drives does not need any electricity to maintain its data. Furthermore, flash drives more durable than a portable hard disk. Try dropping a Hard disk and a flash drive and you will know the difference.




* 360° swivel design protects the USB connector

* Carry it with your keys,
notebook or binder
* Protect and secure private
files with included SanDisk
SecureAccess™ software
* Store more with capacities of
4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB


SanDisk® Cruzer® Orbit


Finally, a USB drive designed to revolve around your life on the go! Enjoy the versatility of the Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive no matter your destination. The cool 360° swivel design hides the USB connector from the elements, yet keeps it ready to rotate into action when needed. The drive can easily be attached to your binder, keychain, or notebook. The Cruzer Orbit USB is available in capacities up to 32GB, so you'll have all the storage you ever need.

Take the Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive anywhere, knowing the reliability of Sandisk®, a global leader in flash technology at your back.



Sandisk® Blade Flash Drives, the smallest USB compact disks, suitable for portable leisure transfers of photos, videos and files.SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade™


Sleek and elegant. This small and compact Sandisk Cruzer Blade is small enough not to obstruct the neighbouring USB port

Comes with various memory sizes from 2GB to suit your requirements.